Web Client

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Web Message Manager doesn’t require installation - all its features are accessible online after logging in.
The web-based application allows you to send text and multimedia messages to mobile phones all over the world from any PC connected to Internet.

• Create advanced SMS / MMS messages with the help of templates, personalization and customization features, using various media files.
• Save any of your created messages for future use and editing.
• Receive messages to your Message Manager, and forward them if necessary.
• Keep a flexible Phone Book provided with the nested groups of contacts, birthday reminders, advanced search and many other features, and share your contact database with your enterprise server.
• Quickly define message recipient lists, using both the Phone Book or manual input.
• Trace the outgoing messages history and monitor the delivery status of the messages sent from the PC or from the dedicated mobile phones.
• Always work in your familiar environment, because your message templates, the contacts in your Phone Book, and other settings are saved on the server.