Facebook Client Interface

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Facebook Message Manager application is a handy and complete solution for keeping in touch with your friends and business partners. This web-based application allows you to send text and multimedia messages to mobile phones all over the world directly from your Facebook account, while making the full use of all advantages of Facebook and extending its functionality as one of the world’s most popular social network

• Create advanced SMS / MMS messages using various media files.
• Send your messages to multiple recipients directly from your Facebook account.
• Manage a flexible Phone Book provided with the nested groups of contacts and search capabilities; Quickly define message recipient lists, using both the Phone Book or manual input.
• Trace the outgoing messages history and send them again if necessary.
• Receive SMS or MMS notifications from Facebook on certain actions concerning your own account or your friends’ accounts.
• Get notified of status updates, private or wall messages, and new pictures tagged or uploaded by your friends.
• Add pictures to your Facebook albums.