Desktop Client

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The Message Manager Desktop Client application allows you to send text and multimedia messages to mobile phones all over the world via Internet directly from your PC. With the latest Message Manager version you can also send messages from a dedicated mobile phone number using the Message Manager as an intermediary, to up to five different groups of recipients.

• Create advanced SMS / MMS messages with the help of templates, personalization and customization features. For your MMS messages you can also use various media files which can be dragged-and-dropped into the messaging form or taken from external devices like a web-camera or an audio CD.
• Create special-format messages like VCard or URL messages.
• Save any of your created messages for future use and editing.
• Send your messages to multiple recipients from your PC, using the configurable message templates or creating messages from scratch;
• Receive messages to your Message Manager, and forward them to other recipients.
• Analyze your incoming messages as, for example, opinion poll results, and present the analysis results as vivid charts.
• Define actions which your Message Manager automatically performs in case the incoming messages meet the criteria you set.
• Send your messages to multiple recipients from their specially defined mobile phones, using the Message Manager as an intermediary link.
• Keep a flexible Phone Book provided with the nested groups of contacts, birthday reminders, advanced search and many other features, and share your contact database with your enterprise server.
• Quickly define message recipient lists, using both the Phone Book or manual input.
• Trace the outgoing messages history and monitor the delivery status of the messages sent from the PC or from the dedicated mobile phones.